Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 766 (Tidbits)

I really have enjoyed the Day 766 post on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog , although the information on this particular post, I expect, will be met with more than a few wails and arguments.

Essentially, Blake gives the space for this post to another author, bibi16. Consequently, bibi16 provides a number of interesting but strong arguments AGAINST many of the things it has become easy to believe in within our societies.

Right before bibi16's alloted space, Blake has positioned a video in place which shows the viewpoints of one of the most controversial performers of our age - Marilyn Manson. Now, no matter if you appreciate this performer's materials or not, there are loads of valid points he makes on this video. Intelligent statements, calmly stated...if you hate this performer... that's too bad 'cos you're going to miss some IMPORTANT MESSAGES if you skip this video just based on your prejudices!

Once bibi16's space is created, there are 5 major topics covered here:
  • evolution vs creationism OR evolution AND creationism (can't they exist side by side?)
  • religion versus science OR religion AND science (again, can't these two things exist side by side?)
  • hypocritical judgements people make in all sorts of topics
  • mankind's ego and tunnel vision about the universe and about life
  • people are people - genders are gendered but all genders are people

As already stated - I have really enjoyed the Day 766 post. I've taken care to ponder over what bibi16 has written and I believe that if many more of us consider these viewpoints, we can know ourselves better, treat others with more fairness and - mostly - stop our egos from getting the better of us - and others...

I'm going to stop writing now because what is on The 800 Days blog for Day 766 is worth real consideration - so I'll get quiet now.... time for thinking, not expressing...

Day 766 is associated with Monday November 15 2010 in the overall 800 Days Countdown.

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