Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 760 (Tidbits)

Get your left and right brain parts working together before delving into the Day 760 material on THE 800 DAYS blog!

There are definitely some unrelated tidbits put together for this post but don't worry... they're all enjoyable anyway.


There's a text/image "loop" application of some sort right at the beginning of the post... I WATCHED/READ IT ALL TWICE haha! You might, too... btw, the "Action Jackson" font IS pretty cool, so look for it!

On a more serious note, Blake continues outlining and presenting some messages from a personality we've seen on two other posts already - "EDEN SKY." In an audio presented on the 800 DAYS blog, Eden Sky endorses and speaks about "The Universal Flag." The link provides Brian McClure interviewing Eden Sky on the topic of The Universal Flag and the concept behind this is that this flag transcends borders, race, etc. This audio is "Show 89: A Conversation With Eden Sky" from August 28, 2010. Much of the content should interest almost any person who can manage to find this recording... it's on very important information about "TIME," along with The Universal Flag.

I have a special interest in "TIME" because I've been studying about how humankind has manipulated time over the centuries...and I've been studying this topic of time in a multidisciplinary way - for about three years. A great book I've read more than once and that I keep close at hand AT ALL TIMES is Jeremy Rifkin's "Time Wars." If you can find this book, read it! You will NEVER look upon a sundial, clock or digital timekeeper of any kind in the same way after reading the Rifkin material... You will never think of the work week, the workday or things of this nature in the same way ever again... You will also likely want to learn more about "circadian rhythm" too, but...hey, I'm going too far here and getting off topic!

In short, I have found that Eden Sky's information is NOT in any way challenging to Rifkin's material or material studied on historical time-keepers and time-setters (like St. Benedict of Nursia)... and am quite happy to have come across the McClure/Sky interview!

Aside from the audio material available via The 800 Days blog, the Day 760 post also contains some fantastic images!

Then once you scroll down past some images - after careful observations, of course, then BINGO! You get to some really COOL, BASIC information about The Mayan Calendar (Mayan Calendar for Dummies - YES !!!)...thank goodness because there definitely ARE a lot of info bytes on varying topics so far on THE 800 DAYS blog...

Article: 2012 : the Pleiades and the Mayan Calendar for Dummies

Definitely read all the content for this post on the 800 DAYS blog. The 2012/Pleiades/Mayan Calendar article is a collaboration between Blake Hall and Cricket Rockastellar and is basically subtitled, "A User Guide For The Rest Of Us." If you've had a lot of difficulty understandint Mayan Calendar information, reading this article will clear a lot of things up and make things clear for you. 

What you'll find:
  • explanation of what Pleiades is/are
  • list of items contained in The Pleiades
  • basic workings of the Mayan Calendar
  • the basic four cycles of the calendar
  • some historical information about the Mayans
  • walk-through tidbits regarding mathematical calculations
  • some narrative/mythological details on Quetzalcoatl
  • details on something known as the Hell Cycle
  • details on "The Time of Flowering"

It's a good idea, as stated at the beginning of this post, to get your left and right brain portions working together here. This means - get your CRITICAL THINKING "going on" when you read this post! There is a lot of information here but all of it is important as basic, fundamental information on Mayan Calendar details that will help people understand more in-depth and possibly more difficult discussions and details later on as the Countdown progresses and more 2012 Theories, Mayan Calendar Theories, etc. are introduced.

The Day 760 post coincides with Sunday November 21 2010.

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