Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 740 (Tidbits)

Apparently, the author of THE 800 DAYS BLOG feels it is time for some humour on the 740th day of keeping onto this blog project! Yes, I know I just spelled humour using a "u" in it... I'm a Canuk, we spell it that way where I am from.

Anyway, perhaps we've had too many serious posts. Perhaps we've asked too many serial errr serious questions or something... in any case, Blake decided that "funny" - or at least "less serious" - is the overall tone for Day 740 on The 800 Days blog.


Now, even though I review most of the content and such, according to whatever Blake is writing and presenting/displaying from post to post, I cannot do justice in the least to the photo images posted on Day 740, so you'll have to use the links (you know where they are...above) and check out some perspective in black and white...

As for the text content immediately following the images, I have to say I really have enjoyed the "Creation Story" albeit tongue-in-cheek... it's not your average or ordinary Creation Myth... Entitled, "GOD AND THE CREATION."

Go find out how God created this world!

*thumbsup* Good one, Blake!

Day 740 is associated with Saturday December 11 2010.

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