Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 755 (Tidbits)

Were you born in or after the late 1960's? Do you have an extreme aversion to violence and war - even the concepts of fighting and warfare, much less movies and books about these, cause you extreme emotional and mental discomfort? Do you feel as if something is constantly drawing you out from urban centres and to rural, natural environments? Are you attracted to ancient symbols? Do you have an aversion to sex jokes, racial slurs and joke, as well as foul language? Do you think of people and living generally as a collective effort rather than with individualistic self-serving agendas? Are you "blasted" and brought totally off-kilter by chaos, disharmony, etc while things in harmony with fair order replenish your energy? (* hint: not all people are energized by harmony...some people thrive on bits (not too much, mind you) of discord, energy from minor fact, many things in this world would not be prompted to happen without SOME disharmony and those who actually thrive on it, react to it, challenge it).

It might be nothing if you answered YES to all of the above - and these are just a few questions among many you might answer in the affirmative - if you think you might be a Starseed...

The Day 755 entry on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog begins with an amazing graphic depicting two Starseeds peering out from the reaches of the universe in a peaceful and inviting way...

Now, I'm not going to detract or distract away from Blake's article over on the 800 Days blog because my knowledge of Starseeds is just beginning and I'm just coming out of treating the Starseed "accounts/stories/testimonies" as something more than "witnessing" and legend-sharing. I am getting the chance to learn more about the Starseeds because of this 800 Day Countdown Project right here, right now. For that I am grateful and have to say that although I never had the chance to take an in-depth look at Starseeds 'til now, I did brush up against the topic in the past and have always had an interest in these beings. I have studied myth-building, mythology, narratives, religions, beginning paleography and bibliography studies, etc at the University level and always felt that I would return to the Starseed topic once I learned better study/examination skills... so here I am, out of classes and with time now to focus on the Starseed - and other 800 Days-related topics.

How cool is this?

I must be workin' with one of the most interesting guys out there doing Chaotic-Independent-Authoring (CIA? lol) today. I say "chaotic" because Blake segues between topics, selecting unusual connectors between things (from UFOs to the Philosophy of Discordianism, from Conspiracy Theories to love-child PEACE, man, Blake makes interesting observations and connections). I say "independent" because it's obvious that Blake isn't cowed by authorities...heck, you can even disagree with Blake - just DO NOT attempt to over-censor this man... I say "authoring" because Blake uses electronic media and the internet to do what many people would love to do... have their voice be heard. Luckily, Blake's voice is backed up with reasonable, plausible argument and data - occassionally with compelling self-testimony JUST to show that he walks the talk...

Okay, so this post was supposed to introduce the topic of Starseed and does wasn't supposed to turn into a B.Hall fan/groupie post, however, I have to remind myself that many topics would hardly be up for discussion at all if it weren't for the sheer STICK-TO-IT-NESS that Blake has shown in creating and proceeding with this 800 Days Project. The in-depth attention to each topic and the diversity of the range of topics thus far in about two months' worth of posting is, in itself, an accomplishment - AND - a huge responsibility. I'm glad I am in a position to learn here, to review and comment...rather than to guide this project!

This is what I would look like if I were trying to map out this project, hone and sort the content down to reasoned bytes and connect all these diverse topics:

NOT a pretty sight!

Now let me see... I was born in the late 1960's...I absolutely dislike violence and war, I live in the city but am entirely homesick all the time for just some plain DIRT with nobody around for miles (I don't even ASK for a flower - maybe just a few blades or patches of grass...but no flowers necessary), I am attracted to homemade and handmade jewelry with arcane symbols (books with strange symbols, posters, you name it - if it has strange, ancient symbols on it, it's supposed to be near me), I feel that people living collectively, having cleansed themselves of "ego motivations" will ultimately result in a more beneficial living situation than any individualistic living principles I've seen in practice thus far, I am extremely uncomfortable around people who use racial slurs...but in all of this, I don't think I am a Starseed. I think a few sex jokes are funny - and I cuss sometimes...

Phukk! I'm not a Starseed!

Oh yes - and I also sometimes do use chaos to energize myself... in fact, it seems that I live in the midst of chaos most of the time. I feel that I get drawn to it much of the time so that I can alter very tiny bits of chaos in the world. ie: I write on social justice topics and do public speaking on poverty and oppression... those bits of wrong and chaos motivate me and so long as I am able to ground and re-ground myself in appropriate intervals, these bits of chaos give me endless energy to speak out against injustice...

Newp... not a Starseed here - but if you read the article, you might find that you identify stronly with the Starseed identity. Were you born since 1967 or so? Go find out if you share attributes of those who believe they are Starseeds...

Article: Starseeds, Who Are You, and Why Are We Here Together Again?

Then again...I've only listed about a pinpoint of attributes that go together with the Starseed identity... I'm close because I am a very empathetic person - but I still don't think I'm a Starseed... I'd be interested, however, if anyone who reads the said article ends up identifying as a Starseed. If so, come back and definitely post in comments here! This might give you a chance to discuss a few things with other Starseeds!

I have rambled far too much now...

The Day 755 post on the 800 Days blog is associated with Friday November 25 2010 in the 800 Days Countdown.

[EDIT: GIANT OOPS - Please note: I failed to properly attribute the article mentioned here in the proper way. In my haste to catch up with a furiously typing Blake, I forgot proper due mention of Cricket Rockastellar as a collaborative partner with Blake on this particular topic and article]. 

... Blake updated in comments to bring this error to my attention. Thanks Blake!! Sorry Cricket Rockastellar! My bad! Is this enough exclamations?!!


  1. Hi MB its Blake4d. I wanted to make an addendum here and incase it was forgotten on the blog.

    The Starseed article was a collaboration, written by Cricket Rockastellar and myself.
    Cricket is definately a Starseed, having every single one of the traits in the article...and maybe a few not listed.

    And if anyone is interested
    I have no updated the ABOUT section in the blog
    with pictures links and other information on the half dozen or so contributors, collaborators, or just high esteemed friends of the 800 days thus far. It will be of interest to you I am sure.


  2. Got it, Blake - updated in the post. Thanks for the quick reading and posting so that I could make an edit!