Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 743 (Tidbits)

The TIDBITS being discussed on THE 800 DAYS BLOG for the DAY 743 entry center around cereals and particularly, around a most unusual figure...


Okay - just kidding... Blake just mentions that "Anyone can say they know the general truth...And who can say that their cheerios are better than my count chocula[...?]"

Blake gets on the concept of perspective - and truth - and touches upon the difficulty we (general humankind) have in determining what truth really is, amongst a host of diverse peoples and perspectives. Personally, I think I "GET" what Blake is putting forth here: [who are WE to determine someone else's truth?]

As Blake gets into some descriptions of "Relative Truth" versus "Absolute Truth," I actually wanted to get a pencil and paper out and sort through a few things... but like the conclusion to his post, when I did get a pencil and paper out and wrote a few things down, things cleared up about like pouring milk into water and tryin' to see the truthful pan at the bottom... things got obscure - and I had to conclude, myself, that I have no right to absolutely determine another person's perspective or truth. I can, however, ask from persons close to me - that they choose something as their truth only that which harms no one else...but that's about it. I can't ask that others believe in the intricately detailed concepts, word for word or step per step and concept connection for connection that I believe in...



Mud:    T R U T H...

I understand Count Chocula a whole lot better than I understand all the societal norms, dominant ideologies, etc., ideas that people collectively believe in - big ideas about systems, religions, governments, etc...and I think this is the mud that Blake is getting at, too...

I think we may have to agree to be different instead of agreeing to hold all the same truths. Maybe that is what Blake is also getting at...

You decide - go have a read over at Blake's blog.

The Day 743 post is associated with Wednesday December 8 2010 - on top of Count Chocula cereal, topped off at the edges with cheerios and cherry on top.


  1. Maybe I should try to get them to be a sponsor. LOL

  2. I definitely think it's a most excellent idea!