Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 750 (Tidbits)

As the Day 750 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog begins, a reminder is placed: for 2010, Hanukkah begins on Wednesday December 1 2010.

The Day 750 post, however, doesn't go into details about Hanukkah. Instead, you'd better get your tissue box near to your computer before you play the video embedded in the post...

The topics of Day 750 are "Familiars" and domestic pet care tips.

Cats and Dogs As Familiar Spirits

Just prior to the content on cats and dogs, the video shows the response of a cat to the death of his likewise feline friend. Personally, I had to sniffle into a Kleenex while watching. In fact, this post is short because in returning to the 800 DAYS blog to review the post, I watched the vid again and feel the emotional effects of it once more.

Do dab your eyes and check out Blake's awesome pet care tips for looking after your familiars errrr your cats and dogs!

The Day 750 post is associated with Wednesday December 1 2010.

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