Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 741 (Tidbits)

Something that most people never thought could happen, HAPPENED ON THIS DAY - Friday December 10, 2010. CYBERWARS... I mean, there were some people who worried about it - in a science-fiction, movie script sort of way or as a theory - but here on this particular Friday of the month of December in the year 2010, CYBERWARS ACTUALLY HAPPENED...

The Day 741 entry on Blake Hall's THE 800 DAYS blog is an article about the current CYBERWAR(z).

What happened: computer/net hackers brought down a Swedish government site.

In response to: The Swedish government issuing an international warrant to WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange over alleged sex offenses.

The attackers: Hackers/Activist groups - issued warnings that they will attack again.

The Hackers/Activist group: call themselves "Anonymous" - Mission: Operation Payback, with a spokesperson only identifiable by an online handle on social networks (Twitter, mainly), "Coldblood."

Coldblood's statement: "The campaign is not over, it's still going strong. More and more people are joining. I see this as becoming a war - but not a traditional war; this is a war of data. We are trying to keep the Internet free for everyone."

Cyberwar... a fight for keeping the Internet FREE for everyone...

You can't dislike this idea, in my humble opinion.

Blake's article explains the method of attack and series of events (DDos/electronic attack on major websites/major authorities - SUCCESSFUL attack, brought a major secure website DOWN as non-functional).

Go check this stuff out!

The Day 741 post on THE 800 DAYS blog is associated with CYBERWAR and the date of Friday December 10 2010.

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