Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 756 (Tidbits)

Well, it's going to be obvious by the Day 756 entry onto THE 800 DAYS blog that Mr. B. Hall has a near obsession with Mr. Burroughs! The first thing on the said post on said blog is a 2 minute and 25 second message via you tube video and the message is from a William S. Burroughs... from Thanksgiving Day (In USA) on the date of November 28th, 1986.

And a message of harsh social commentary this is! This must be some You Tube member's tribute to Burroughs, I imagine - but regardless, this is a gem of a tribute that Blake found! If you're looking for feelgood, warm fuzzy feelings from this video, you'll have to go elsewhere (my suggestion is go back to listen to Eden Sky's messages: Day 774/Blake's 800 Days blog). If you're looking for telling-it-like-it-is, have a listen to Burroughs' viewpoints once you get to the Day 756/800Days blog post.

And if that wasn't enough... Blake relates a truly funny AND baffling story about a Thanksgiving event that was both sad and silly and that truly happened... It's called "Talking Turkey." Really, if I mention any of it here, I will start laughing and turn red with embarrassment (on behalf of Blake's unfortunate friend mentioned in the story). Go directly to The 800 days blog via the link above and read for yourself!

Now, my mind is already thinking up some jokes - in bad taste, too - however, because I do feel poorly for the unfortunate friend in the Talking Turkey story, I am going to refrain from writing/saying anything derogatory... and just say "What a freakin' TURKEY that guy was..."

:)    (that's a mild statement compared to the jokes Blake makes in reasonable taste - in the article)

All I can say is that I'm glad that Thanksgiving Day is in the past for Blake and Blake's friends and that things turned out alright in the end because now many handfuls of people have a fantastic story to tell each year on Thanksgiving Day... and all but 1 person can actually laugh and not turn red with embarrassment about the event from the past!  That's not a bad score - dozens to one? Not much loss incurred there!


The funny story as the Day 756 post is associated with Thanksgiving Day 2010 and Thursday November 25 2010.


  1. Actually that is not a tribute to Burroughs. It is his thanksgiving prayer as he recorded and filmed it as the sublime poet that he was. Happy Thanksgiving go ole brother Willie.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Blake! Your posts appear to be some sort of tribute to Burroughs tho'... I am enjoying the info, clips, etc.