Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 754 (Tidbits)

Okay, getting back on track here after some absenteeism from the blog over the past 3 wks. The content is interesting for me regarding the Day 754 post on Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog because it's about UFO Theories.

MORESO, it's about our seeming discomfort (doh! we've been oppressed/suppressed over these matters, haven't we?) over talking about UFO Theories and similar things that I saw a common theme for...

Common Theme: topics whereby certain authorities have no sound explanations for what we observe or experience. Additionally, reasonable explanations not forthcoming, the same authorities generally INSIST that we believe that we observed or experienced NOTHING or that we experienced/observed some phenomena whose origin lies in our own faulty physical body mechanism(s). ie: "you must have heard or saw wrong - there must be something wrong with you and your body."

Well, a whole lot of us must have the same sorts of things wrong with our bodies because UFO sightings, shadow people sightings, people reporting that they see angels - or demons, etc., are all on the rise. Enough people are starting to whisper, then talk louder, then talk out in the open, then talk in large groups - then even talk to/with authorities in numbers... that the whole world is soon going to have to STOP minimizing the strange sightings and current strange events that people are experiencing.

I like the phrase Blake uses in the Day 754 post, "Closed Mind Syndrome," and I think Blake is right... we're going to all have to recover from this Closed Mind Syndrome very soon so we can take a good, hard look at what's around us, what's happening in the world.

I am a fan of the late John Keel (d. 2009) and have been reading Keel articles and books for a little while now. His material is never a once-over for me...I refer back to Keel often when looking into anything paranormal, anything to do with legend, hoaxes, unexplained phenomena.

Here's a favourite Keel quote:

"This planet is haunted by us; the other occupants just evade boredom by filling our skies and seas with monsters." (1976, The Mothman Prophecies). Now, I believe that what Keel is getting at here is our human species' propensity for inventing explanations, for associating psychological impositions of meaning on things, and for the propaganda authorities and even just the average joe builds to explain the unexplainable...

My explanation of the Keel statement might seem to be in direct opposition to things said earlier in this post... I know I said something like "It's about time people start talking about things" and then, more recently, I've named the human species as one who propagandizes and makes shyt up...

Well... these things aren't the opposite of one another... it's COMPLICATED... so I return to my original statements - IT'S ABOUT TIME PEOPLE STARTED TALKING and could feel "okay" talking about strange and unexplained (possibly unexplainable) things.

Keel, in his lifetime, saw a lot of things, talked to a lot of people and even had some strange experiences first-hand in paranormal fields but all in all, in his whole lifetime, he didn't manage to come up with a solid explanation or air-tight theory about what the world was about or what objects, beings, entities were being sighted but he did seem to believe that first off, we need to feel that we can have DISCUSSIONS about things without worrying about being "should-ed and don't-ed" by any authorities.

We also need to have reasonable discussions - AND - hear and speak on theories about unexplained things even if some of those ideas sound "funny" or what-not...

On THE 800 DAYS blog Blake has brought forth 10 theories/hypothesis statements:
  1. UFOs Do Not Exist
  2. Religious/Supernatural Explanations
  3. The Wartime Secret Weapon
  4. The Hollow Earth
  5. The Underwater Civilization
  6. The Space Animal
  7. The Extraterrestrials
  8. Time Travel
  9. The Ultraterrestrials
  10. Psychic Projections
To my understanding, all of these hypotheses/theories have both plausible and WEIRD components. Let's discuss these details openly - even if some of the statements are "out there."

By now, if you've been following Blake's blog posts and mine, you'll know we can both easily be emailed or found on Facebook for discussion.

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Let's talk...

The Day 754 post on The 800 Days blog is associated with Saturday November 27 2010.

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