Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15th Update: Mythbuster Falling Behind

Okay, so over the past three weeks or so, I'm sure people have noticed I've fallen well more than a week behind Blake's posting dates...

I can explain!

In a short and sweet way, too...

2 things...

#1... I've been seeing the dentist (and have 2 more major appointments to go)

SOURCE (google images)

And # 2 difficulty: I live in a region of Canada where Chinook winds play havoc on people who get migraines...

I sometimes FEEL LIKE THIS:


So, when everyone else is really happy about the snow melting... the nice, warm, blowing winds - literally WARM in the midst of wintertime snow and ice...

Don't get me wrong... nice weather is well - NICE - but when Chinooks and barometer pressures are trying to force my neurons out of my head and into deep space WITHOUT MY CONSENT and without conveniently making a non-lethal hole in my head (okay, I just opened myself up for all manner of "hole in your head" jokes... I know, I know)... well, something's just not right.

Anyhow, I just thought I would update around the "tidbits" posts to explain my near-absenteeism and sporadic, falling-behind posts here! I suppose the migraine spells and treks to the hospital and dentithT have been carrying on since just before December, so most of the major stuff is all fixthed up!

On a better note, dealing with improving my health issues before 2011 hits also made me take care with my trustworthy cat, so HE ALSO got to go to the pet doctor for a check up...

MY CAT CAN GROWL THE LOUDEST in the whole vet clinic, I am proud to say - AND - He got a clean bill of health *chest puffed up* Yep, that's my rescue cat, River Brat!

Here he is... true pic, taken today - December 15 2010 - The River Brat:
And his TEETH, the vet said, are beautiful!  :)

Anyway, I'm struggling to catch up but DO NOT FEAR... over Christmas Holidays, my healing up will necessitate that I stay indoors, keep my jaws still and work on the blog!


  1. Okay we have some very very metaphysical, astrollogical, psychological, sociological, anthropological, medical, wizardly, witchy, shamnistic and just fiendishly powerful persons that claim to be ready for the Galactic smorgasboard that is 2012. Amd supposedly you are all reading these blogs.

    Well here comes an order straight from the Ashtar High Command Council representative.

    Thats ME!!! BLake4d!!!!

    Starting the moment you read this message, all of you will concentrate ALL of your healing energies and charka powers at MYTHBUSTER and MB's CAT.

    You should be feeling the healing power anytime now MB. Buckle those astral cords. Its gonna be a bumpy night.

    Get well my friend, loved this blogpost. IAOTIO

  2. Feelin' it already right in my CHAKRAS, Blake! Awesome. Thanks so much...



  3. Okay now that your all better, you will be espmailed a bill from the psychic enemies network. Unless you would like to write this off of your Alchemical taxes this year?