Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 742 (Tidbits)

I feel there's a call to action on THE 800 DAYS BLOG for DAY 742. It's visible within the first few lines of the entry:

"Be an agent of calm in your own life."

Then, immediately following: "Do This or Die."

A short commentary by a Doyle Dane Benbach Inc goes with the do or die message but the text is uncharacteristically small here, compared to most 800 DAYS blog text. * Suggestion: Read over this smaller than normal text, ANYWAY - because it contains more than one important observation and "call to action" for society in general... particularly about what is before our eyes, and what COULD be before our eyes that is better than what we're currently seeing before our eyes today!

I want to significantly highlight a quote from the 800 DAYS post, written by a new friend, Kat Vale, who is also a certain blogger's (Blake's) MOM!

"You teach your kids to grow up and think for themselves.
The problem is - then they do it."
--Kat Vale.

There is an explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs on the Day 742 post. Now many who read this will say "That's ridiculous - okay, so it's a joke, right?"


But...think carefully on what explanations you've been given about dinosaurs in the past and to date... many of the "currently accepted notions" about the extinct beings/dinosaurs are a little hard to chew on. You might want to spit those notions back out, go do some research on your own, employ some critical thinking...

Oh! Here's a novel idea... why not do research - not so much on explanations about dinosaurs... but instead - look up the bio information on the people who are considered experts on dinosaurs...see what their affiliations are, who their colleagues are, where their projects, funding, facilities are...

In my experience, you'll find that much that is accepted as scientific explanation and "fact" on major topics and issues - is theory and may not be rational. However - if many people say it and begin to believe it, the explanation will become "the answer to the question" no matter if the answer makes sense or not.

Just some psycho-babble ideas to go along with Blakes post.

The Day 742 post is associated with Thursday December 9 2010.

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