Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 759 (Tidbits)

There is the most STRIKING picture of Mythbuster up on THE 800 DAYS BLOG for the Day 759 post, associated with the date Monday November 22, 2010. I'm extremely happy that - FINALLY - someone got a picture of me with my eyes open! I tend to blink too much (for some odd reason) when photos are being taken, adding the erroneous effects that I'm either stoned, asleep - or both - when really, I am neither! Yep, that's me alright...wide-eyed and serious over on the Day 759 post!


I'm basically stumbling over thoughts and words right now because the Day 759 post hasn't got anything much to do with the finer details of The 800 Day Countdown... instead, it's about Blake writing about ME!

I am very honoured that Blake has taken the time for quite a lengthy post dedicated to MOI and the content I've put out online. THANK YOU BLAKE HALL! I'm very flattered!


Since I'm not sure how that picture of me got out so easily and got to circulating around, I figure I might as well COME OUT, myself, with a few other photos that might cause me some embarrassment if they get into the wrong hands and get posted online. I might as well just post them myself - along with the explanations I PREFER people to have... just - in - case!

First of all... I was a PREEMIE baby, so I'll just start with possible embarrassing photos right from birth. Now if you know ANYTHING about preemie babies - of course they're as precious as any other babies, but they just don't always look just right, okay? Obviously, I was very tiny - more than two months too soon, so I fit in the palm of the hand of anyone who picked me up immediately after I was born...

So here's a look at one of the first photo ever taken of me:
Told ya! Tiny, right?


Explanation: okay, this picture isn't too embarrassing... it's after I managed to grow a bit and the docs figured out I had all my organs, toes, fingers and everything in the right place after all (I lived in the hospital for over a month 'til I was allowed to ever come home with my mom, my dad and my older sister).
Growing and finally able to suck a bottle properly...later on I sucked my thumb for a little too long ('til age 12) but maybe that was going to happen seeing as I was fed intraveneously for quite a while right after birth... it's the NEXT PHOTO that is super embarrassing for me...

Explanation: all my cousins, my older sis and some friends all ganged up on me, put me in this awful outfit then took pictures... HOW EMBARRASSING!
look at the size of me? What could I do???
I was only about 3 years old!

Explanation: Your basic nekkid "blackmail" photos... I might as well just post 'em together...


Okay, well that's enough... nekkid Mythbuster pics, not funny people!

Explanation: if I look very confused, looking at the computer screen, it's because this picture was taken several years ago when I was just learning how to operate a computer... Thank goodness I had some help learning how a computer works, otherwise I could have stayed hunched over that screen forever!!

And that's about all...
Thankfully, I have my "act together" in the photo that Blake found of me... and the photo over on The 800 Days blog looks a lot more like my current self and how people know me now...

The Day 759 post on the 800 Days blog is associated with Monday November 22 2010 in the Countdown.