Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 758 (Tidbits)

Blake brings readers some tidbits on "The Arts" for the Day 758 post on the 800 DAYS! Now since I am not very familiar with the particular individuals Blake writes about for this post, I'm just going to send you over and say, in no uncertain terms, "Read What Blake Has To Say on William S. Burroughs!"

Article: Ah Pook Is Here by William S. Burroughs...The Lost Graphic Novel by a Master of Modern Literature.

What I DO "GET" about Burroughs is that he is reportedly the first or at least one of the first to take the topic of "23 Enigma" seriously - and "way out there." We've already viewed a post from the 800 Days blog about 23 Enigma, found here: (Day 789, Follower blog) and here: (Day 789, THE 800 Days, Blake's blog). Also, a prominent actor, Jim Carrey (as Walter Sparrow), was in a film made in 2007 called "The Number 23" that was all about the topic of 23 Enigma.

I watched the film with Carrey in it - just a few minutes ago... and will review the film (it's WORTH SEEING) in an upcoming blog post once I've caught up a little bit with Blake's posts on The 800 Days blog.

After just a little digging on Burroughs, I found that details in his biography are less than shining and that Burroughs lived a questionable lifestyle, suffered from addictions and all sorts of mayhem in his life - however - one thing that seems close to unanimous is that he put out some worthy works, even if many of these were controversial and, in his time, harshly criticized...

One little tidbit I found that was interesting is that Burroughs is on the Sgt. Pepper's (Beatles) Album cover:

Burroughs is in the 2nd row (start at the top) between a likeness of Marilyn Monroe (actress) and Sri Mahavatar Babaji (Hindu guru). To look at a larger and interactive image with better resolution than I am able to get here, please see link below:

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - Interactive Sgt Pepper's image

The Day 758 post on the 800 Days blog is associated with Tuesday November 23 2010.

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