Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 753 (Tidbits)

For the November 28 2010 post, Blake's Day 753 entry on THE 800 DAYS blog is about books... used books, selling used books, everything about used books. Blake reviews a really great book - about selling books online. The book is called "Selling Used Books" by Stephen Windwalker. It appears that Blake really liked this book, however, he makes sure to outline both the pros and cons in the material.

Who doesn't love what this all sounds like? For someone like me... anything about BOOKS is a good post, good information...and, by the way, I'm trying to see how many times I can use the word "books" in a single post.

Okay, so I'm a bit of a book geek... here's proof:

Old 2nd Hand Book, Progress and Poverty by Henry George (still borrowing this from a friend - may have to purchase another copy and give the newer copy to my friend). Oh! and look behind me... ONE of the bookshelves in my bedroom... the little shelf. FULL of books...


Just a little light reading (The Paranormal: Research and the Quest for Meaning) that I am NOT going to turn around and sell off on eBay, Amazon, etc., because this is one of my best reference doesn't EVER get lent out...

Nice glasses eh? Eh....well, they're NEW - and they help complete my geek persona.

One more:

One of my favourite books in the past 5 years - great piece of reference material (socio-history, socio-psychology and tidbits on oppression of the masses via TIME control), Jeremy Rifkin's Time Wars: The Primary Conflict in Human History.  Again, you won't see me parting with certain books and this is another book that stays in my collection.

So what do my four-eyes photos (it's okay - I am EMBRACING geek-hood and geekness, so "four eyes" isn't the nasty name to me that it once was for many when eye glasses weren't quite so common as today), my snapping pics of books that I will NOT part with - what do these things have to do with Blake's article about how to make oodles of money selling used books?

NOT MUCH... other than to show you a prime example of WHAT NOT TO DO and how NOT TO advertise for yourself if you actually want to make money selling used books.

LOL - Instead, you should read the article then go get the book Blake has so kindly and thoroughly reviewed for us! (I am going to get it and stop fooling around - so I can learn to make more money online from the things I love - BOOKS).

And with this short pic-filled post, I am going to leave off so that you can go and I CAN GO read Blake's article in more depth again, myself... I am going to learn much more about selling real hardcopy books online (thank GOODNESS it's dealing with real bona fide paper/cardboard, bound, hard copy, you-can-touch-them BOOKS and not "eBooks") by reading the said article ever so carefully and then asking Blake H some questions...SHOULD I decide to sell a few books (but not the ones shown above).

The Day 753 blog post over on THE 800 DAYS blog is associated with the date, Sunday November 28, 2010.


  1. Hey MB you seem to be back in action and somewhat more active after your illness. We all are glad.

    Also you made a comment to me abot having a blog search, well if you go to the 800 Days now, there is a search bar at the top of the blog..put in anything and it brings up the pages on the blog on that subjects, relating to, or any other hyperlinks from things on the 800 Days that are relative.

    It does not search the web.

    Also the list of days with summaries, thumbnails and links to all the Days is located in big scroll down version at the bottom. It should be alot more convenient for everyone now.


  2. Very nice, Blake! I was messin' around a bit last night - with the search feature. That is a nice addition to the blog!

    I also wandered around your new updates, aside from tryin' to catch up on reading the daily posting material.

    Busy, busy, busy I will be for just a few more days as I catch up.

    Yes, feeling quite a lot better, thanks!

    I like the big scroll - just found that about an hour or so ago. Interesting changes, for sure.

    Wow, you posted your comment about 1 minute before I submitted the last post I worked on lol.

    Stay well - we'll catch up later!