Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 751 (Tidbits)

Are you ready for "cinematic thought bombs" and stretching your mind around the concept of audio tracks laid down onto, into and within the "imaginary canvas of sound"???  If so then you're ready for Blake Hall's Day 751 music review and commentary post on THE 800 DAYS blog!

As Blake describes the nature of the artists, Ciscandra Nostalghia and Roy Gnan, the duo presented here as "Nostalghia," and whose song/audio, "I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch" is featured on the Day 751 post, be assured that if you hit the "play" button and thoroughly enjoy the audio creation, the song will LOOP so that you can listen to it more than once! (I'm on play #3, very much enjoying the track).

AND THEN...while you're letting Nostalghia's music fill the room, continue on to consider some things not of this planet, as Blake guides the content to Mars Rover photos and other things Blake has been looking at from the NASA website...

* Note... as I look at the photos with I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch in the periphery, the music sets a nearly bittersweet tone for me... it's mellow and pleasant enough but carries with it a definite air of sadness, so that when I also view the photos, this causes me to see the images as eerie, surreal. I'm sure there is pareidolia occurring - the phenomena whereby the brain guesses and concludes that some images we see that are unfamiliar do have a familiar cast or shape to them.

The brain doesn't like "the unfamiliar" so it attempts to send us "valid explanations" when we view something like the Mars rover photos... we know the pics aren't of things on Earth but our only frame of reference is about how things look here on Earth. Therefore, when we see something that might vaguely match or appear visually like something we'd see on Earth, our brain just says "make the same connection, accept this same explanation and move on..."

The only thing is... those pics are of another planet where there haven't been any confirmed sightings or any other data to prove that anything living exists way over there...

Okay, so as I view more of the photos and scroll down... now wait a minute - the pics really look like they're showing something with a humanoid shape. It could be pareidolia or it could be that--

I've gotta go concentrate on these photos...

The Day 751 post on The 800 Days blog is for the date of Tuesday November 30 2010.

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