Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 789 (Tidbits)

Get ready for some interesting reading from The 800 Days blog just 789 days before Dec 21 2012. If you like numbers and puzzles, you're going to love the article "23 Enigma," and you'll probably think up some "23-related" things to add to the 23 Enigma list of things associated with the number twenty-three.

To tell you the truth, 23 Enigma has me quite perplexed... I keep flip-flopping in my perception that 23 Enigma has some valid theories that say the number 23 connects everything around us in at least some small way... versus a cautionary bit of thinking that 23 Enigma might simply be a bunch of explanations linked together with even more confirmation bias data.


All the associations and links between things containing the number 23 are at least - INTERESTING and well worth thinking about...

Day 789 in the countdown is Saturday, October 23, 2010.

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