Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 799 (Tidbits)

Offered on the Day 799 post are commentary bits about the Mayan calendar, and a very interesting introductory statement about the possibility that the Mayans were descendants of an older, alien culture...

An interesting, interactive feature of the day 799 post is a link to a Mayan calendar decoder - type in your birthday and you'll find out what astrological details pertain to you, according to the Mayan calendar! My previous post here was about what my Mayan calendar astrological details turned out to be after using this same decoder. (I am under Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard).

Charts, early moon landing pics and commentary within the day799 post will keep you busy for a little while and, hopefully, get your mind thinking OUTSIDE of what you've been told by "common" sources of information...

Remember, most of what we "know" about the Mayan calendar and have taken for "truth" so far has been brought to us by "traditional" sources... our pastors, our parents, mainstream news. We are not going to get very far in learning what's WHAT if we just keep reiterating what our traditional sources have taught us. Much of what traditional sources "know" is heavily steeped in myth, lore - and during some ages past - possibly even politics.

I urge you to visit the day 799 post and have a look at the charts, commentary and quotes over there.

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day 799 was posted over on The 800 Days blog on Wednesday October 13, 2010 (courtesy of Blake4d)

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