Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 792 (Tidbits)

Get ready to stretch the boundaries of your beliefs when you approach the Day 792   material on  The 800 Days blog !

One of my favourite articles EVER by Blake4d is within this post... it's an interview with a Vampire - a self-proclaimed Vampire named "Montague." Now it probably won't come as a surprise that Montague is also a practitioner of the Dark Arts (Occult practices, Magik), but before you turn away (if you're so inclined), please think about something...

Do you wish to forever or mostly stay comfortable within your own belief system, rejecting all else but that which you've become accustomed to? (This might be the way you think if you're one who is inclined to turn away when you read the words "occult" or "vampire-as a lifestyle").

Or - do you understand that the world in which we live is full of inconsistent explanations and properties but you hope to learn more about life, living, death, morality, humankind - via open-minded exploration into topics that most people will not even open their EYES, must less their minds to...?

If you identify with the latter statements, you'll certainly learn from Blake's interview with Montague! If you put aside your reservations about the word "vampire," you'll notice that Montague has some important concepts to share about LIVING, morality, perception. I would hate to think people might miss these points just from being turned off on the words "occult," "vampire," or similarly-related words.

For me, reading about Montague, his ideas and perceptions, reminds me that life is filtered through our perceptions, our boundaries of belief but that no matter what you believe, others can and DO perceive the world in some unique ways. At the same time, there are UNIVERSAL qualities in life, perception, in living (possibly in death) - so really, our world is so very complex and, at times, seems contradictory or paradoxical... I can't imagine why anyone would shy away from the chance to read what a vampire has to say about a mix of topics... the same sorts of topics that concern everyday, living people...

Frankly, I found Montague's perceptions about life and certain other narrower topics to be more human and humane than I experience when listening to people chit-chat in a public arena like the mall, the bus, the line-up of people waiting to get in to a movie theatre, etc. Perhaps Montague is trying to maintain his humanity within his immortality - I'm not sure exactly but whatever Montague is - he is interesting and has words of wisdom...

The Article:
 Dark Art - an Interview with a Modern American Vampire on Being Human, Immortal, and the Practice of the Dark Arts

The date of Day 792  of the 800 day countdown and the post on the 800 Days blog was on Wednesday, October 20, 2010.

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