Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 797 (Tidbits)

Grab a nice, hot, steaming (BIG) mug of coffee or tea when you sit down to read this addition to the 800 Days blog! Mostly, make sure you're SITTING DOWN and have few errands on your mind or to get to before you start reading this post.

It's all about ANNUNAKI...

And regardless of what you THINK about the possibility that ancient aliens existed or do exist, the Day 797 information is VERY INTERESTING...

Links are supplied to some more in-depth information, in the articles, "Signs That You Are An Annunaki Descendant" AND "Angels, Demons, Spies in the Skies, and Other UFO Theories" (related article, but not targetted on the "Annunaki" topic), and these require that you sit and ponder, not read and run.

There is a beautiful chart at the beginning of the Day 797 post that I wish was a little larger so the details could be admired. It is The Annunaki Mayan Calendar and the Baktun Ages of Humankind on Earth... beautiful, interesting, make sure you go and have a look!

To Get To The Day 797 Information: Day 797 on The 800 Days blog :)

The Day 797 post was made on Friday October 15, 2010.

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