Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 787 (Tidbits)

Themes for Day 787 on Blake's The 800 Days blog are "Paganism" and "Patriotism" - primarily American patriotism.

The topic of discussion for this particular post is the Pagans to Rally for Religious Rights ceremonies that were held at The White House on July 4, 2007. This was a "first time" deal whereby many Pagan leaders of varied denominations gathered at Lafayette Square Park.


  •  Pagan military chaplains to be recognized (besides Christian and other spiritual leaders of recognized faiths)
  • More Pagan symbols recognized and approved as significant within the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Universal Freedom of Religious Expression
The post/article mentions several Reverends acting as spokespersons for varied denominations. I am unfamiliar with most of these personalities but am sure that many American readers will be familiar with the names and personas  mentioned  here.

Article: "Patriotic and Pagan in America"

Day 787 in the countdown is Monday October 25 2010.

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