Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 798 (Tidbits)

What I like about The 800 Days blog is that - early on - the author is willing to examine even theories and ideas he doesn't currently hold to be his own strongly held beliefs. The 800 Days blog isn't solely about the author trying to push his opinion on you...

ie: "[...] while I don't believe in some of these things personally, they are on the list due to the billions of folk that do believe in them." from post 798.9.

What kind of blog would The 800 Days blog be if it was solely just to persuade you into one rigid, set way of thinking? (hint: another rant-filled, narrow-focused blog like we see splashed all over the internet and are becoming agitated by in our "advanced" age of info-mation and technology). Bore, bore, bore...

On a better note (caught myself getting into rant-mode, myself lol)

Day 798 posts will take the reader into more in-depth explanations of the 13-Moon Calendar (the "DECODER" that has already been mentioned - if you need the link again: 13 Moon Calendar - DECODER) and astrological details, using Blake's birthdate. There are step-by-step explanations, pictures/charts, etc., so readers can understand each symbol and term involved with the 13-Moon Calendar, according to how Blake's birthdate functions within the structure of dates, timing, symbols, etc.

I'm working through the Day 798 explanations as well... I'm learning here as I go, just like you might be if you've just started reading The 800 Days blog as well as my "following" blog. I'll post more once I figure out what all my astrological details mean/are, according to the 13 Moon Calendar.

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Day 798 was posted on Thursday October 14, 2010.

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