Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 788 (Tidbits)

If you've been following "The 800 Days" blog by Blake Hall as I have been, you/we've seen articles and information about Wicca, the number 23, about Witches, Vampires, UFOs and Hopi Indian legends...

We were bound to end up on the topic of Satanism at some point without being too shocked - but if you ARE shocked and worried about the term, concept or religion of "Satanism"... just hang on a minute.

Trust me - the Day 788 material from the 800 Days blog is NOT going to freak you out, "convert" you or even frighten you. It's some pretty straight-forward historical, temporal and logical information about Satanism.

My favourite phrases/concepts from the Day 788 blog post:

"Modern Satanism as a whole is not Anti-Christian. Satanism is Anti-Stupidity."

How about this: we just drop all the propaganda B.S. and just go read about a certain viewpoint on Satanism and THEN see how this information sits with us?

Article: In Defense of Modern Satanism

Day 788 in the countdown is the date Sunday, October 24, 2010.

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