Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 795 (Tidbits)

Ohyeah - the 800 Days blog is getting really interesting now... aliens, Scriptures (Genesis) nice... but WAIT...

A little tidbit on the "APACHE Myth of Creation" too!

Very nice... aliens/ufos, religion, Native myth of creation... we can't get better than this... well, until we start getting into Magic - or Magick/Magik - and Magickal Theories.

For now, check out The 800 Days blog and PAY ATTENTION to the Day 795 post material. I'm 100% sure that there are segue points being made here!

Definition/explanation of segue on Wikipedia: SEGUE (basically a transition from one concept to the next... usually in a build-upon a-to-b-to-c sort of way).

Again, I'm pretty sure people need to read this Day 795 post carefully - also, with open-mindedness - because I think more is coming in future posts that will build off a few simple, clear statements from Day 795. I mean, The Scriptures have puzzled mankind for ages. So have ufo sightings and theories (sorry, ppl, but I have to state - LOUDLY: "UFOs are NOT (in my opinion) brand new "Tech" phenomena we're just starting to see NOW, since the 20th century and to present."). The myths and lore of Native/Aboriginal peoples is always full of analogy, hints at various phenomena science has trouble understanding, so getting into Native lore - NOW - this early into the 800 day countdown must MEAN SOMETHING and is ever so likely to be important in the days to come as the countdown proceeds.

The date of posting for Day 795 was Sunday, October 17, 2010.

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