Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 793 (Tidbits)

Don't let the short poetry bits fool you on The 800 Days blog for Day 793. You're going to see some rather pretty words at the top of the page but get ready to put your thinking cap on because not everything is "artsy" about the Day 793 material!

We were recently introduced to the topic of Magick on the 800 days blog, and Blake wastes no time at all with getting into some theories about exactly WHO might be using Magick in our day and age - also, some theories about WHY Magick is used by some powerful entities in our world, both past and present.

Please DO enjoy the poetry first before you go clicking around into the Magick related articles. One awesome thing about POETRY is that... there's a pleasant structure to poetry that can sometimes get the right and left sides of the brain working together. Basically, reading some poetry before launching into an intense article should help you to think, using both sides of your brain (connecting emotional right brain stuff to logical left brain stuff, at least marginally) instead of just launching into a text based article mainly using only your left hemisphere for thinking.

Poems offered in the Day 793 post: Blake4d.

Get ready for some really interesting concepts in the non-poetry bits on Day 793. There is more talk about Magick in this post and more than a few points are made about governments around the globe understanding that Magick exists in the world. There are definite claims that the government actually uses Magick on the idea I don't find very hard to believe at all - however - you'll have to read and decide for yourself!

Either head to The Day 793 Post right away

Or check out the article Your Government Knows Magick - Do You?

Let me know which parts you find interesting...

The date of posting for Day 793 was Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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