Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 786 (Tidbits)

Be prepared to be at least a little uncomfortable for the Day 786 on the 800 Days blog. A new and unsolved mystery has been unfolding since summer 2010 that is not pleasant to think about but - regardless - requires some attention...

In Florida, USA, there have been numerous animal decapitations reported but no culprits to these crimes have been found. Naturally, some people are blaming "Satanists" and people involved in occult practices but this kind of finger-pointing might be all too simple, in my humble opinion. To my knowledge, even occult practitioners respect life - even the lives of animals - and the blame for these crimes shouldn't be pushed onto an occult community or any other community just as a matter of creating a group to blame... obviously this kind of finger-pointing will never turn out any proper results when the main issue left is, "Who/What is causing all these animal decapitations?"

Violence against ordinary domestic pets is on the rise - as well as decapitated black panthers and other exotic or non-domestic animal deaths, all of a violent nature. A mid-September 2010 incident is recent and the latest reported unexplained violence against an animal...a law enforcement official was called to an incident in Hernando Country, Florida... what he found was the head of a decapitated cat. The head (from a black cat) was on Salome Street near Brooksville Florida.

The Article: Decapitated Animals a Florida Mystery

An animal lover, myself, this news is very disturbing to me. Out of respect for what has unfairly happened to a number of animal kind creatures, I made sure to read everything presented. Perhaps someone else will read about these incidents and be able to piece some details together and figure out what's going on in Florida with these gruesome animal mutilations/deaths. Now I know I've heard some news reports that a teen was apprehended and is known to be responsible for some of the deaths and mutilations of domestic cats but even if this explains most of the incidents, how can we explain the seemingly rising violence present in our society? How can we explain that now teens are committing atrocious crimes like mutilating animals?

In the countdown of 800 days, Day 786 is Tuesday October 26 2010.

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