Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Break In February

Myth has been on a bit of a break this February 2011 in order to work on some public speaking gigs - in particular, a comedy routine to be delivered at a promiment comedy club chain on Valentine's Day evening.

As Valentine's Day rapidly approaches, Myth is fighting back just a minor case of "the nerves," however, the show must go on whether Myth trips on the mic or not (gadget challenged) - and once the Valentine's Day show is over, there will be a fantastic flurry of writing to the 800 Days Follower blog!

Truth be known, I joined a comedy workshop setting intent on recreation, socializing, stress relief and polishing up some comedic public speaking skills. Once I got to the group, however, I found I was in the company of trainers I worked with 5 years ago who intended these particular workshops to be extremely short term, in-depth training for a Valentine's Day comedy event!

I mostly stayed with the group because I didn't wish to appear like a chicken-snit, so I committed to doing the Valentine's Day show...while, perhaps, it was more appropriate to just be committed somewhere else, if you know what I mean...

Myth will be back in full force after getting some "Ha-Ha" action on February 14th and recovering from hecklers if that is necessary on the 15th...

Thanks for understanding - wish me YUKs


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