Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time Crunch

Well, I just got caught up with Blake around New Years Day and as I look over to Blake's THE 800 DAYS blog, I am viewing vids, very little text... So I am assuming Blake has hit up with a Time Crunch of some sort.

Hey, January is heck for many people: A New Year, new plans, wrapping up on old plans and often - for most people - tons of paperwork and biz-type tidbits from the year just passed...

I'm hitting the same sort of time crunch stuff but ploughing through said duties so as to get back on track and dedicate time to the blogs.

I'm sure many people can relate, so - please - just have a bit of patience as the beginning of 2011 gets on a roll, eh?

In the event that Blake is tied up for a few more days, I'm traipsing through "uck" duties today so that my evenings can be spent supplementing what Blake has posted over on his blog. Look for some additions in the Glossary, an added tab and posts on "Practices" such as meditations, smudging, prayers, over the next week. There have been a number of posts since October on different religions and belief systems, so it seems if people want to know more, a "practices" section on the blog might be a helpful addition.

Let me know if you have a ritual, prayer or meditation technique to share.

We'll soon be out of this time crunch...thx for understanding.

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  1. U said it MB. IAOTIO. I am pretty sure that all is caught up again on the 800 Days. Readers might want to go back a day or two and see if there isn't some revisions and less empty space. Thanx for your patience and considerations everyone, especially my Number One Follower MB.